We know that we aren't perfect, but we also know that it's our responsibility to do whatever we can to become the sustainable company we strive to be. We are a part of the textile industry, and as such we bear an extra responsibility due to our resource-heavy operations. For this reason, we never compromise on quality - our garments will always be as durable and hard-wearing as possible. We also work hard to minimise the negative environmental effects inherent to production. Everything from chemicals, heating and electricity consumption and transport is controlled and limited. It's our ultimate responsibility to make sure we never sit back and relax, and instead make sure that we try to find ways to improve every day.

We are firm believers in social responsibility throughout the entire production process and work to ensure that all of our employees enjoy a positive, safe working environment with good conditions. In order to maintain control over the entire value chain, we own our own factories and employ the utmost care when selecting suppliers. We have done so for over 20 years.

We know that we can do more, and it's this knowledge that drives us to take further resonsibility for our production and the environment, garment by garment and seam by seam.

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  • CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

    We take our environmental and social responsibility from product concept to finished product, sales and logistics at the mean time we develop our social and environmental efforts through long-term collaboration with suppliers.